Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Here we go...

I think if I have a place to record my progress it will help me to stay focused a little better. That's my goal, anyway!
Current main project(like that? It's like a little clue) is this pitiful, misshapen piece of knitting that will soon be transformed into a Wonderful Wallaby for my third child. I've worked this pattern a couple of times before so I expect smooth sailing-hoping to get it done this week since it's nearly November. Amazing.
I may decide to rip the hood back on the one I finished last week-apparently my children have rather large heads. Increasing 8 sts around should alleviate this problem. ( I do not normally knit this fast. The cooler weather has energized me strangely. )
Current Minstrel spinning?

A lovely Targhee fleece from Nancy Ortmann that I had blended with gray angora and some of my last dog's undercoat. I'm spinning a two ply yarn somewhere between fingering and sport weight. When I have enough for a shawl I plan to take a little break from the gray and get back to my purple colonial top. Please ignore the drive band-sometimes the baby gets away from me.
Also, in the works--I'm dyeing Cheviot and mohair in small batches in the crockpot-future sock yarn! I'm using Easter Egg dye that I bought on clearance last year. Think really bright colors.
I'll spare the blog the shocking(!)photos.

On the learning front...I'm almost done reading Paul Tripp's War of Words. Excellent book. I won't even try to summarize. l could never say it half so well, so I'll quote---In the hardest of situations, in the most trying of relationships, we never stand alone with only our personal abilities to help us. We are in Christ, and in Him we can do what would otherwise be impossible......I cannot be patient in the face of provocation. I cannot honor when I am dishonored...I cannot find delight in self-sacrificing service. I cannot speak softly in the face of another's anger....But that is why Jesus came. Real hope for real change is found in Christ!


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