Thursday, October 27, 2005

Confession time...

Confession time...

Since I have four more inches to go on the WW-I've decided to do a little SAFF recap instead.

I'm a little ashamed to admit that, although dyes were the first item on my list this year, I came home with no dye. At one point I even had them in my hand, but I put them back. I had not even seen all the booths yet, and thought I should go around once before actually purchasing anything. It turns out this was a bad idea. The biggest reason? Because by the time I get through the booths I am totally incapable of spending what has now become "wool money" on dyes.

Some lovely Corriedale from DAN-VIR Ltd. came home with me AGAIN this year. Yes, I have two in the closet. This one will compliment them perfectly. I see a beautiful fair isle in natural colors for Carrie. Can't wait to get started! I did not buy the whole fleece-miraculous. I'm resolved that next year I will NOT go to SAFF saying "no fleece this year" It's just ridiculous.

I took my crippled Swan to Linda Diak at Grafton Fibers in hopes that she would be able to help. Her response? "Oh, that's a really old one! Would you like to choose a new one?" So, I did(it's the one in the middle)-and THEN she gave me a hook to put in the old(the one on the left) and I promptly glued it in place when I got home. I was totally impressed. I chose one of her pink merino batts while I deliberated between Swans. Carrie laid claim to that, too. (Yes, she did pretty well this year.) I also got a Bubinga Bosworth midi(the one on the right) from I See Spots. I've already got some Cheviot/mohair on it. Perfect sock yarn spindle! The new Swan is helping me out with some KA dyed Romney. I love the way this spindle looks in action-the different colors swirl in the prettiest way.
I also bought Rita Buchanan's Dyer's Garden book, a little alpaca for blending, a couple of "Truffles" from Rising Meadow Farm(some of their morrit Corriedale roving) and the Celtic Dreams pullover pattern by Beth Brown-Reinsel. Whew-I think that's it.


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