Sunday, October 30, 2005



Yes, turned out the hood would have been OK after all. So, T's hood gaps and B's is snug. Oh, well. I'll shrink one and block the other. The beauty of wool! Actually, T's will probably be fine-I had already made him a separate hood out of merino handspun that will fit under this slightly large one. So there! See how he loves to have his picture taken! What a cutie. He has the sniffles today so we are staying home from church.

And here's B in his. At least it's covering both ears today. See how pitiful he looks-he's still feverish, although better than yesterday. This morning he ate a little so I am encouraged. He's also playing with T and the Bob the Builder tent so I trust he is on the mend.
I'm not thrilled with the Kitchener stitch finish on either of these. I do not remember this problem with J's. Or any of my sock toes. Hmmm....a conspiracy? Perhaps my wheel is behind it-trying to get me to abandon the knitting and finally fill that bobbin.

I leave the blog with a photo of our beloved dog-yes, a knitting/spinning blog with a DOG, not a cat! Here she is, trying her best to convince me not to take her picture again. Apparently she does not share T's enthusiasm for the camera...


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