Monday, August 28, 2006

knitting again

In the headlines...

We have a trio of Californians! Here's a shot of our buck in the cage that my darling built. We (think we) bred the does this weekend. The second doe took I'm almost certain, the first...guess we'll now a month from now! A learning experience to be sure.

Even though the weather is still brutal, I have brought the knitting back out. September is looming, so I somehow feel cooler and able to hold a little wool again. I've started another sock- this time I'm using Pony Pearls dpns. (The jury is out-won't know for another few inches) The yarn is more Sockotta. A little boring to me since I just finished a pair of Sockotta so...I've pulled out the Emma shawl and worked 6 rows. This time next year, I should have enough progess to post a new picture.


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