Monday, June 12, 2006

Day 1, part 2

After our extensive tramp through the house and grounds, we went to dinner at the Grove Park Inn. Now this whole day was a totally uncharacteristic splurge for us. After 10+ yrs of marriage, I've come to the realization that if my dh has one flaw it's that he likes to spoil us a bit too much ;~)
Now, our family budget will not allow this as often as he likes, but when he plans things-he goes all out.
So, we ate like kings at the Sunset Terrace. The food was fabulous. We opted out of dessert, however, and stopped at Hardee's for chocolate malts on the way home. Just to regain our equilibrium!
I did have the foresight to pack my knitting bag for the hours long trip. So did I finish the sock as I had intended? Well, no. How much knitting did I get done? Um, none. What happened there? 'Cause I sure don't know!

I'll document the next phase of our vacation tomorrow.


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