Monday, May 08, 2006


They are done! This is the Tap colorway (A thousand thanks to Jen for her computer tutorial on links) and it's on sale!!! I am resisting buying more and I'm still reminding myself that that's a good thing. It seemed bad when I saw the sale price and all the colorways, and then good when I looked into the storage closet and under the bed.
I am actually anxious to get back to the FLAK-not that I was bored with it or anything. Only problem is that with a big project other little projects try to jump in, they're so small, etc. -just like with these little socks. And then they hung around forever.
The Kitchener Curse is still upon me. Halfway through my futile attempts to graft the toe of the first sock, I remembered that last time I had realized that I am working them inside out. After that little lightbulb moment-things straightened out magically. Really, I have no earthly idea how it happened. So, the first half of the "grafted" sts are wonky and the last half are correct. Instead of seeing this as a ray of hope that I am released from the Curse, I gave up entirely and finished the other toe with a three needle bind off.


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