Sunday, April 30, 2006


Tonight in our family worship, Mark read about Ahab's coveting Naboth's vineyard. I was so convicted about being content with what I have. I am continually finding new books for me or the kids, various hs'ing misc, beautiful yarns, fabric, etc. that I'd like to have a little of....
Sigh. God help me not to be GREEDY. It helps when I call it what it is.

On another note! I have a new flower garden in the kitchen this morning....isn't it lovely? They insisted that I make one, too. Rather appropriate for May Day. Things I learned...C is pretty picky. We must have pulled petals off and re-glued half a dozen times before I made her stop. J took his time and did his very best. This did wonders for mommy. I have great hope that our tribulations over the state of his room/handwriting, etc will pass. T was happy with his orange crayon-about halfway through, he noticed the others were using green for the leaves and he made the switch to conform. I am surprised by this. B colored enthusiaistically but was rather surprised by the result. Note to self-instead of taking it away from him to finish it up, HELP HIM TO DO IT.

I'm turning the heel on C's socks. The variegated yarn is completely charming-I'll post pics in my next post when there's more to see. I also did a tiny bit of spinning over the weekend-more of the Corriedale from Rising Meadow Farm. I will not be combing this carded prep. At last, I have found a roving that I like! Alert the media.


At 6:18 AM, Blogger JennyRaye said...

Hey Holly,
Nah, the sockapaloooza socks weren't hard to let go--other than being worried about fit. The recipient has larger feet than mine, so they didn't come close to fitting me, so no temptation at all to keep them for myself. Currently working on a pair of Embossed Leaves which may end up as Sock Angel socks for someone in Sockapaloooza whose pal had to withdraw. Also in the works--LACE. I'm still checking out the cashmere for it, although I haven't gotten the go-ahead from dh yet. That's about it, other than what's already on the needles. FLAK will probably be finished in the fall--getting to warm to have the thing in my lap. Stop by again soon!

At 4:31 PM, Blogger Deborah said...

Wow! You are amazing. I don't know how I missed your blog before, but I will definitely be back!!! At first, I started to feel that coveting conviction, but then I kept reading and got lost in my coveting of your ability to get so much done! Wow. And you have more kids than I do.


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