Monday, March 20, 2006


Here in SC, we have seen many signs of Spring lately. One in particular made me especially glad-my peonies are up!

I hope they will do well this year. The hostas and lilies are sending up shoots as well. I planted a Pomegranate tree this weekend and may or may not add a sour cherry tree. I've wanted one for several years now, but may need to postpone it until next year.

FLAK progress:
Today I cast on the neck stitches and joined the fronts! While delighted by the progress, I am dreaming of short-sleeved cotton blend sweaters. Maybe because I need some? Yes, I pulled all the warm weather clothing out of storage last week :~) Predictably, today is cool again.

Also knitting the heel flaps for T's socks. He's growing impatient...he keeps asking for his brown socks. I'm hoping to have one of my Work Nights tonight(this is where I stay up an hour or so past my bedtime to work on projects-I shoot for once a week-but it rarely happens) so that I can get the heels done.

I've also started another bobbin of the Targhee

Yes, the neps are still driving me crazy :~( Every fifteen seconds or so has me wondering aloud what I was THINKING to send it off to a mill knowing full well how freakishly picky I am. Yeah, it's great fun. I have to space it out with the colonial top to keep from completely flipping out. Actually, the whole experience is probably very good for me on some level.



At 3:24 PM, Blogger Lynda said...

I'm loving your FLAK - what a beautiful color.... and a lot of beatiful work!!


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