Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Just once more!

I've forgiven T's socks for their errant ways and have set them on a new path. Charlene Schurch's toe-up directions sound reasonable so I snipped them in the spot to begin the heel flap. This better work. BTW, I really like this book-it is chock full of useful info!
I borrowed Cat Bordhi's sock book from the library last week-her discussion of Lucy Neatby's trick for Kitchener stitch may be the only thing to save me. I'm really resisting all that "extra" wasted knitting, but when I consider how many mis-grafted toes I've ripped...sigh...I'm wavering.

These little beauties helped me gather my resolve to tackle the bad boys. They are Knitpicks' Dancing and they are for C. She wants to knit them herself! Her washcloth is coming along, but not THAT well!

And after seeing some fantastic FLAK progress, I decided to post a pic of my progress hoping it will shame me into knitting on it more. Here it is perched on top of its knitting bag. A measly three and a half inches on that back. I've got to get some discipline!I really enjoy the knitting once I get started, but it's not something I can pick up and put down easily. A necessity in my home! Hence, so many plain socks! My other excuse is that while Paton's Classic is lovely, it's not baby alpaca. When I had that ten minutes after breakfast this morning, the shawl won. But the rest of my "little minutes" today must go to the FLAK. I'm putting in a marker before I begin to help motivate me. Let's see how much I can knit today!


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