Sunday, February 26, 2006

Whoo Hoo!!!

Late Friday night, I finished the moebius! The weekend being what it is around here-this is my first real opportunity to update the blog. So-I finished with time to spare! A sweater was so totally unreasonable, I get a little woozy thinking about it. I was knitting at stoplights as it was.
I used Brown Sheep's Nature Spun worsted weight for this-I had it in the stash-wish I'd had some sport but, alas. It's a little bulky, but I still really like it. I wore it twice yesterday to church and it is warm and cozy and not so thick that it's aggravating. I did the I-cord with a strand of NS fingering weight and a strand of Katia Ingenua (I think that's what it's called) held together. I like the slight fuzz on the outer edge-very subtle.

I'm re-heeling my crayon regia socks before starting T's brown basics. I should finish this afternoon. Peasant heels are a good thing! Up to this point, I've not done any darning/re-knitting of my hand knit socks. They just got thrown out. I have this weird disconnect with my socks once they are off the needles. I love and wear them, but I somehow forget how long it took to knit them and just toss rather than resurrect them. Something like how mothers forget the agony of childbirth. Only that never happened to me. Somehow it got switched with me and I just got the sock amnesia. Too bad.
I'm also planning some MAJOR knitting on the FLAK-I've really let it go since KO started and am looking forward to seeing some progress. Especially since, even though I knit almost daily, I have zero hand knit sweaters in my possession. I need to get on the ball here.


At 6:57 PM, Blogger HG said...

Please email me about your blog name. Thank you.
Sheri Smith, owner

At 9:53 PM, Blogger vanessa said...

your moebius is lovely! thanks for leaving me the sweater compliment, it turned out better than i thought :-)


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