Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Little socks

I'm knitting a pair of CIC socks from the leftovers of C's sweater. I really want to get them finished and T's cast on before the Knitting Olympics begin. The pattern was one I had printed from the Internet years ago but never knit up. The short-row heels were new to me and took two tries to look normal. I'll probably use this heel a good bit now that I've learned how to do it.
I joined the Faroese Shawl KAL since I've wanted to make one FOREVER. I have some Andean Treasure but the color is dark red(Embers) and for some reason I had a white shawl in mind. Kind of like that Merino/Alpaca/Angora/Great Pyr roving in the storage closet. Or maybe the Polwarth/Kid Mohair/Angora-it's a bit whiter in color than the Merino. Hmmm...perhaps a bit of sampling is in order!
The Andean Treasure was originally bought for a Pi are Squared shawl but then I changed my mind and decided a scallop stitch cardi might be better-don't really wear shawls THAT much, really only for church-but I'm still not sure. I do really like that shawl, and I'm afraid a cardi in 100% alpaca would stretch out in time. A nice dark red shawl might be just right for snuggling up with a good book. Right now, I'm still using that pathetic acrylic afghan I made way back when-before I discovered the joys of wool and became a fiber snob :~)
I'll be pondering these things while I knit the moebius for the Knitting Olympics! I haven't even started swatching!
I'm off to finish these socks...


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