Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's here somewhere...

Apparently, I've lost my mind. Not only am I knitting like a fury every spare moment in order to catch up with the FLAK group, I've just boasted that I can knit an entire sweater during the Winter Olympics. After a lot of pondering, I've decided to downsize a bit.
Three reasons.
#1 Attempting to knit in 16 days a sweater that took Yarn Harlot 3 years to finish is utterly ridiculous.
#2 Especially when I made not less than FIVE errors in the swatch alone. One of which I did not even see until it was drying on the counter and I was attempting to measure the thing. That did give me a little jolt, I tell you.
#3 This one is the most important. (?) A mistake stitch cardigan on a 6' tall, thin woman? I may as well have a sign painted-"Tallest Woman Alive" and stick it on my forehead, 'cause that's what everyone will be thinking. This realization pains me a little because for some inexplicable reason, I love mistake stitch cardigans. I want one. However, I do not want to knit one that I will only wear while at home because I look like a sideshow in the circus.

So! I'm getting over it. Last night, while I was talking the whole thing over with Barbara Walker(well, her 1st Treasury, really) she kindly suggested that perhaps a Double Seed stitch might be more the thing. Or maybe a Swedish Check? Or even the Twisted Check on pg. 117?
See? The idea is starting to grow on me.

AND! I can knit a mistake stitch(I just have to, somehow) moebius scarf for Stephanie's challenge. I really like the one in the Knitting Around book. Always have. Since I got a lovely new coat from my beloved for Christmas-I need a scarf/hood thingie anyway. Accomplishing this will certainly fall into the difficult category-what with four young children and a pattern that I have some trouble knitting correctly-but will not reduce me to a gibbering idiot by Day 4 like the sweater would have. Making it out of BLACK wool will raise the bar even higher. So-there you go.


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