Monday, January 09, 2006


I finished slipper #1 last night and immediately started the next one before going to bed. Too late. A dozen new and exciting projects are beckoning. I do so want to start C's pink sweater. It's that lovely Paton's Merino. She really NEEDS another sweater...
And then there's J's handspun socks that I've already started-He's been waiting so long-I really should finish those up really quick and give them to him. And then there's that great red wool for a sweater for him. What pattern stitch should I use? Something with cables, I think...
And I just got the rest of the WOTA from Knitpick's that I need for my mistake stitch cardi. Oh, and the Andean Treasure for my scallop stitch version...
And then I simply must try one of Cat Bordhi's moebius capes.
And there's that wonderful Beth Brown-Reinsel pattern I picked up at SAFF. I even have the yarn for it!

OK. I feel better now. Somehow-getting it all typed out helps my resistance.
I will finish that second slipper before knitting something else. THEN, I will pick up J's socks and FINISH them. I have a will of iron.


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