Sunday, January 08, 2006

felting magic

I decided to make a pair of Fiber Trends felted slippers for my dh for Christmas. His were falling apart-I already have the pattern/yarn-it's a new thrill, etc. Just one problem... didn't have the needles. Oh, well. In a project emergency, just grab some twist-up crayons and sticky-tac. They actually worked fairly well for the soles and helped me in my "must start these now" fit.

I did, however, get to the store and procure the real thing. So, the slippers continued on and became this

I wish I had stuck my foot in there to show how ridiculously huge they were. Think clown feet. Notice how much yarn I had left? Look closer...

Ha! Oh, the joy! It's a little irrational...

Skip to end...

Pretty nifty. I have a pair for me in purple and black on the needles and C has requested a pink pair.


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