Thursday, January 26, 2006

Just knitting along...

No big news here-just staying with it. I forgot to take pics of the saddles and now they have the back attached and stitch markers everywhere! I'm seriously wanting to take them(the markers) out-I probably will wait a few more rows to insure that I truly have a handle on these cables. They look good so far! I've had a few errors but nothing that couldn't be fixed.
J's socks are coming along, too. I'm ready to turn the heel-they are going quickly but nevertheless, I will be glad to see that last end woven in! No more knitting the kiddo's socks one at a time! T spied some brown Sport and Sock yarn in my Sock Bag-I guess he's next? We shall see. With FLAK and the Knitting Olympics looming, I don't know if I should undertake anything else. But then again, a little mindless stockinette could be very soothing.

My sister gave me a lovely makeup bag for Christmas-she told me that's what it was, or I would've thought it was a purse-it's huge! So, I dutifully put my makeup in and went along for several days before I had the startling realization. That is not a makeup bag. It's a knitting bag. Silly me. It now holds the aforementioned socks. Yes, two sock bags, but the Sock Bag is rather large compared to the purse/sock bag and it holds all my sock yarns and general info-so, I think I like the new arrangement very well. The big one was getting a little crowded.
I need to take a few days and teach J and C to knit. They are old enough now. And I sure could use the dishcloths :~)
And the strawberries are sprouting!


At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Shea said...

Congrats on the seeds sprouting! Our seeds are just starting to come in... the Johnny's Seeds came yesterday and the SOC seeds should be here by early next week at latest. I've got to get all the seed trays from the basement and get the grow-table and lights up (what I wouldn't give for a greenhouse!) and we'll be good to go!

The sweater swatches look great... I'm thinking I need to learn to knit socks... I like socks... so it would be a good thing :)


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