Monday, February 20, 2006

Maybe one...

I hit 40" last night so I did take a pic-here it is in all it's glory. I tossed it onto the tail flapping dog to give a sense of size. Please disregard the shifting scarf and the feet at the bottom of the shot. Not my best photo.
Since I've spun up all the Romney that I have combed up, I'm back at the purple Colonial. Should finish this bobbin soon!
I've started flipping through the sock binder. Not a good sign. So far, I'm resisting. I keep telling myself only (?) 20" more and then I can edge it and cast on-T's brown Sport and Sock pair is next!
I've pulled out the menus again. I always do when I get into a boring rut. So tonight it's Beef Tips in onion gravy(A Taste of Home recipe), buttered noodles, and peas. Probably a spinach salad, too. Haven't had this lineup in a while. I may make a fudge sauce for some ice cream we've got languishing in the freezer. For some reason no one is eating it-could it be the temps? Oh, well, a hot fudge sauce should take care of it!
C and I started on her washcloth yesterday and, lo and behold, she just ran in with it-guess that's all for today-I have a knitting lesson to give!


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