Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Turning back time

I cut out shirts for both T and B-same Children's Corner pattern that I've used before. I do enjoy sewing-the turn around time is WAY faster than knitting/spinning. That said, sewing will never be my favorite. Why is that? I think I like the whole "make the fabric AND the garment" thing that you have with knitting, and then when you can start the whole shebang out from raw fleece...well, it just ups the ante even more.
Of course God is the only one Who made something out of nothing. But there is still a big sense of creative accomplishment when I can look at a finished item and think of what it looked like when I first pulled it out to begin the washing!

I've been on a bit of a Jane Austen kick lately-this time with the film versions. I saw P&P last weekend(the new one-borrowed from a friend. Still love A&E's way better) Then watched Emma w/ Gwyneth Paltrow today. How is it that it took me ten years to see this? Blockbuster may not get it back. I love how they list the purchase price at the bottom of your receipt! "Buy it 5/1/06 for only $10.70"--HA! Sense & Sensibility is next. And then my library is holding the audio P&P for me. Yes, when I said kick, I meant it. Must be all the heirloom sewing...


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