Thursday, May 11, 2006

Turtle crossing

Progress on FLAK and Emma(couldn't forget that lovely!) is painfully slow. I've accomplished a whopping TEN rows on these two projects since my last post.
This is one reason.

New socks for my Mom. Somehow Mother's Day took me by surprise this year. I was sure I had way more time than I do. Obviously, they will be late, but they will be well received. Last time my Mom was here she wore the ones I gave her for Christmas two years back almost every day. They are her house socks, she said. She wears them with her inside shoes(Birk sandals, for the arch support, don'cha know?) They had holes. I could see her poor little toes forlornly peeking out. Begging for help. So, better late than never, I say. In my defense, I had no idea she liked them that much. These are from some of my first handspun-Coopworth, if my memory serves me correctly!

The other reason I am so slow, is that just now I am immersed in all things Wendy and have been learning some new techniques over at her page. The Figure 8 cast on(above) using her toe-up sock pattern, and cabling without a cable needle to name a few.(Very helpful for my FLAK knitting!) It makes for rather slow going at present, but I have hopes that all will come together in the fullness of time. Let's just hope that means before the week is out.

Proof positive that things aren't exactly jumping-even Sugar is konking out on me...


At 3:26 PM, Blogger Lynda said...

hee hee... looks like a bikini!


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