Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Phase 1 completed

The shorts are done. Two light and one dark blue(currently being worn along with Daddy's cowboy boots!) I love this easy pattern! I have the Baby and Toddlers books, too and love the simplicity and versatility. Now J can play more comfortably. I also cut out a T shirt for him, but that can wait until the dress shirts are done for T and B. That's what's in today's line-up. We'll see how much gets done. The best part is that all of this week's sewing is coming out of stash. My Mom sent me several different lots of fabric a few years back-it's nice to see some of it turning into clothes!

I had one very nice surprise yesterday while working in the yard-my Celeste Fig does have some fruit on it! I was sure that the hailstorm of a few weeks ago had stripped it bare, but no! Looking forward to those! Everything is coming along well-we have baby tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers. And my Alpine Strawberries have blossoms :~)

Turning the heel on Mom's sock...I hope to get the first one done by tomorrow!


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