Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Sadly, my camera was left behind at a relative's house this weekend, so I have no pics of my progress-DRAT! But here's one of Sugar to liven up the post! She's getting better about the camera

Today in my knitting time I will begin the sleeve section on my FLAK

I will also begin the first repeat of Emma(Yes, I've only been "setting up" so far...)

I will turn the heels on Mom's socks (while attempting to learn a new heel-short row!) this after major frogging on Friday night. I had worked some decreases after the toe section(they seemed a bit loose) and the result was...less than pleasing. Wish I didn't make these little errors in judgment. I decided to leave them as they were. After all, her feet are not as narrow as mine anyway!

Even so, I am encouraged to be at a point of change on all my projects. Helps keep me going!

I also need to run (back) in to my LYS this afternoon to exchange a ball of Austermann step that I purchased there last Sat. I checked the colorway on the 'net to see what it looked like knitted up-was not impressed. SO, back it goes. I'll get Sockotta instead since they have an exchange only policy. Those will be Mom's summer socks since the handspun pair I'm knitting are heavier than I expected.


At 4:17 PM, Blogger JennyRaye said...

Don't even talk to me about FLAK!!! I want to finish it, really I do. Just too heavy for the warm weather....and then there's that little matter of frogging 3 inches of the body, taking in the underarms, and recasting on the body. But yeah, the weather is what is keeping me from working on it....right.


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