Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Favorite skirt!

I've forgotten just where I first heard this skirt pattern praised(one of those "week in dresses" records?) but I do remember the girl saying that "this pattern can do no wrong". Since it was a simple 2 hr skirt with a variation for a bias version, I started looking for one for sale. An internet store had one, so I promptly bought it and wasted no time in sewing two up with some floral rayon prints I had stashed away. For the first time, I can agree with the pattern envelope. It really is a 2 hr skirt!
Here's a photo of my navy floral(this is view B) If you are looking for a good simple skirt-try to find this one! McCalls 2029!

The last denim skirt that I made has a bit of a grease stain from a cooking spill, so I bought this apron fabric the other day to sew up some aprons for C and me. I have some plain pink cotton for contrast-that will likely be C's skirt section. We're working on her mastering my apple pie recipe, then she wants to move on to biscuits :~)



At 11:24 PM, Blogger Deborah said...

Oh great, now I have to hunt down another pattern, lol.


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