Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some sewing

I finished Catherine's corduroy dress this evening. Nice and basic-I've used this pattern before, and have two more cut out for wearing this summer. Seems like all of a sudden, none of her dresses fit well. My mother is sewing some-it was supposed to be one, but then last time I talked to her, she said she was 'finally on the last one', and I was so surprised I forgot to go back and clarify :~) She still wears an 8 in this pattern-I'm so glad. In today's world, once we pass a size 8, suitable styles become harder to find, even in sewing patterns :~( But then I do confess to being picky...
I also sewed up some book covers-one for my GraceWorks planner and one for my Bible. My Bible cover has pockets on the front and back for note paper/pens. My planner cover just has one front pocket. They were not hard to do and I love having the straps for easy carrying!



At 4:21 PM, Blogger Deborah said...

Great sewing! You don't really need a sewing pattern for dresses. Find a bodice you like or even a blouse. You can mix and match sleeves and you can attach a gathered skirt to anything. I will gather tiers and sew them together for skirts or make a gathered skirt with a bottom ruffle. You'd be surprise what you can do so long as you have a basic bodice that fits.


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