Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The Tour (well...and I) has taken this monstrous lot of wool and turned it into usable yarn! And, even better, more yarn than I had hoped I could get. I really wanted to replace a well-loved cardi(Mr. Greenjeans in a poorly chosen variegated yarn)with a nice handspun. We stopped at Smoky Mountain Spinnery last week on our way out of Gatlinburg and I bought some red dye to make the color a little more suitable for me. (Gray and I are not always the best of friends)
I've started on my next batch of fiber-the Merino/Great Pyrenees/Alpaca. I'm plying with a single of Merino top. I'd show a pic of the first skein, but apparently Blogger thinks I am nuts to want to add more than one picture to this post. Maybe next time!

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