Sunday, September 10, 2006

Future mittens

Here's last week's spinning. The pink ended up at about 14 wpi and will make some nice soft mittens for C-I should have enough for a hat, too. No, I didn't measure yardage this time.
The purple I spun up on the Swans-this week I'm spinning this wool on the Bossie. Finally doing a bit of thigh rolling, as well-certainly improves the speed-not that this spindle really needs it. I've noticed if I try to incorporate the T-tapp stance, then I can spindle spin with no shoulder pain. Nifty, eh? Nice fringe benefit as I've always liked spindles and hated to not be using them.

I put the shawl on some extra circulars and tried it on. No surprises-that's a relief! I've never really gotten over the shocker I got the time I tried EZ's Pi R Square shawl with my handspun. Still don't know what I did wrong there! Oh, well. I've decided to do four more repeats before starting the border. Finishing before the end of the month may or not happen.


At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Holly,
Do you think you could confirm your mailing address for me via the email I sent you? Thanks.

Your KTS2 swap pal


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