Monday, September 04, 2006

What sock?

Pulling out the Emma shawl was a good idea. I have been knitting on it daily and seeing some progress-Yay! I'm really tempted to put the sts on a length of yarn so I can see it better and how it is coming out. Probably will around the end of the week.

I followed a link from a Spin-List message and found this nifty little spinning e-zine. Read through the archives and whaddya know? I was so inspired that I pulled out my Swan and did some spindling! Then when the kids went to bed, I spun some merino on the Minstrel. I suddenly realized that SAFF is less than 2 months away and I had done nothing with my lovely Grafton Fibers batt! So this week's goal is to spend 20 minutes in the AM with a spindle and 20 in the evening with the wheel. I haven't decided if I'll ply the merino back on itself for more pink or with a strand of natural merino for more yardage. I like it so far...


At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Shea said...

I loved my pink Grafton Fibers Batt... it was so lovely spun up (even with my hit and miss spinning!). I added a tiny about of Angelina for sparklies and knit (yes... shocking... I knit something) a headband for my neice (same age as Sophie). Turned out too cute and oh so soft! Looking forward to seeing everyone again!


At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Shea said...

about? I meant amount... forgive me, I'm loopy!



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