Sunday, October 01, 2006

Back in the saddle

I'm back! Our computer completely died-we tried to have it fixed-had to order another one from California, etc, etc. Still hoping that we can retrieve all our pictures!
Although my blog is shockingly behind-I probably got more spinning/knitting done without the distraction of the 'net. Even so, good to be back on.
Here's some of what I worked on-both of these are finished now, with the lighter shade ending up a bit thinner than the medium. Need to work on that! Apparently, I am not checking the Control Card often enough. With the Corrie done, I'm ready to jump back into spinning the Targhee. With these two smaller batches, I did all the predrafting before beginning to spin. That's something I want to continue. I really enjoyed focusing on one phase at a time instead of just prepping enough for that session, and then spinning it up.
And I have one more repeat to knit on the shawl before I can begin the edging. September ended way too fast-but an October deadline is completely doable. I've taken it to church a couple of times on Wed. night to get some extra knitting time while I'm waiting for all the ladies to arrive. Everyone exclaims over it and admires the color. I am really looking forward to snuggling up with it and a good book this winter.


At 12:36 AM, Anonymous Shea said...

Great to see you posting again! Did you know SAFF is going to be on Friday too this year? We're going on Friday to look at the rams, then maybe again on Sunday.

The spinning looks lovely! I started spinning some of the Shetland lamb... it's gorgeous, even with my not-so-good spinning :)

Hope we can get together soon... maybe take the kids to the park or something!



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