Friday, July 11, 2008

As promised

here is the photo of the finished "Bree" yarn. I made a smallish skein, because my patience with long draw ran out. I know, I know-and it is indeed perfect for this lovely springy wool. I don't know what my problem is. I'm in a rut, I guess.

Here's what's on the wheel now. I spin this Romney off and on as the mood strikes. Super easy to spin, and fairly fast, even for me, and I am not a fast spinner by anyone's standards. I zone out at the wheel and speed is not foremost in my mind, let me tell you! I just enjoy the fiber :~)
I have two of those monstrous ziploc big bags of this wool-wanna see one? I snapped a picture of the one that's now out next to the wheel. Uh huh, I heard that snicker. Don't worry, I have no delusional goals for this Tour. Didn't ya read my last post? I won't let it happen friends. This little spinning bout is all about the fun factor, and I'm letting it stay that way.

I found the missing socks for my step-father. Yes, they were missing. I took them on our family vacation back in May and they got jammed unceremoniously into a Callaway Gardens bag in my mad packing rush. On our return, I stuck this bag in plain view on the sewing machine cabinet in my bedroom-however, there were a bunch of folded papers on top of the knitting so...the bag languished there until this morning. Now what does that say about my housekeeping??? Sigh. What's worse, is that that bag might have stayed there for even longer if I had not been in a fever to find this project and torn the house apart looking for it. At some point, I remembered that I had packed them for the trip(although they never saw daylight. I only worked on my stole) and I rushed over and pulled them out. I felt like the woman with the lost coin, except that I'm pretty sure she didn't have as much clutter as I do. Or as many knitting bags to look through.
Anyway, here's how they look after today's little knitting session. Heading up to the cuff! I really like them. You can't tell in the picture, but they are just a teensy bit too long for me-good thing, too :~)


At 9:32 AM, Blogger Peggy said...

Girl, I know just how you feel about numerous knitting bags and misplaced projects. It isn't a sign of disorganization or lack of household is a sign of outrageous intelligence, we can't be bother with the mundane aspects of life.

Socks and spinning look great.


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