Thursday, July 10, 2008


Hey! I'm in! It wasn't too late! I'm sticking with my goal of spinning 20 minutes in the AM(that is what I said, right?). As much I would love to be super optimistic and set some outrageous goal-I think that would be setting myself up for a fall :~) I'm feeling the heady adrenalin rush right now and have actually spun more than 20 minutes the last 2 days. Nah-I never was much good at pacing myself. But if I slow down early next week, my goal is still very doable.
I finished the brown Corriedale singles and navajo plied it today-I think that was Bree from Cary's flock. That yarn will make some nice mittens for one of the kids! I've moved on to some positively ancient Romney batts that I dyed with cherry Kool-Aid. I'm going for a "real" three ply with this fiber. No pics today-I'll add them to tomorrow's post, 'k?


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