Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The latest

WIP is C's mittens. Nature Spun fingering weight, color Plum Line. No pattern-just cast on a likely number of sts and get knitting. I tried them on her as I went, which made the whole I can't be bothered with writing out a pattern first a whole lot easier. I'm decreasing the tops, as you see, and expect to have those little thumbs knit up sometime tomorrow!

After that, who knows? I'm still sewing a bit, I need to finish my wall quilt from way back when, and have about half a dozen new knitting projects bouncing around in my head, clamoring to be first on the needles. Plus the house is trashed. The primaries are coming up, and that's commanding a good bit of my attention as well. Oh, and my trusty oven has kicked the bucket. I had lovely(albeit old)double ovens in my kitchen. Well, the top oven(the normal sized one) croaked, and I'm now using the half sized bottom oven that runs hot. I'm alternating between being overjoyed to still have one functioning unit, and half crying because the breakfast cookies are nearly burned on the outside and raw in the middle.

So....I can't decide what's up next. Guess I'm too distracted.


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