Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Still spinning

on-not a lot of noticeable progress. So, I'll show you the socks instead! They are ready to head out the door today. What a relief! Knitting for others is very enjoyable, but-the pressure! Now I can knit on my shawl for a little while. I had made some mistakes in the pattern somehow and fixing it took some time. Notice that I did not say that I had frogged it and reknit. I took the cheater's way out, I confess, and "fixed" it. Put in gobs of stitch markers and then made things right in each repeat. Hopefully it won't be too visible in the finished item! Now whether I will stick with this project until it is completed remains to be seen. I'd sure like to have it this fall when the weather cools, but other UFO's are beginning to call as well.



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