Wednesday, October 11, 2006

KTS 2 package

Yesterday my KTS2 package arrived! CJ really outdid herself as you can see. A wonderful tea sampler-great for me who tends to stick to the same ol' thing for fear of buying an entire box of something I end up not enjoying. My favorite (so far!) is the White Tangerine tea, it has a wonderfully delicate flavor. I will certainly be ordering from Revolution. Look at my new favorite teacup! These snacks were new to me- I'm a little ashamed of how many of the biscuit sticks that I've eaten already.
The yarns are Cascade 220-another one I haven't tried. Although these didn't show up well in the photo, I am really looking forward to choosing a pattern-the colors are great.
Thanks again CJ for a wonderful package-I love it!


At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Shea said...

Hey! They sell those Pocky sticks at Saigon Market or Tonpopo... those are the two markets we didn't go to the other week :) They're addictive and come in strawberry too I think, kids love them, although I always seem to steal Sophie's :)
Hope all is going well for you!



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