Saturday, October 14, 2006

Two down-one to go

The first side and the back panel are done-just one more side panel and I am back to working on my FLAK. Really looking forward to it after all the focus on Emma. I do enjoy having more than one project going! While technically, I do still have two other projects, I haven't even taken them out of the bag (in what seems like years) Of course this meant more progress on Emma, but I don't know that I will do the single-minded focus thing again for a while. I may employ Jen's rotation system somehow. I really like the idea, but have not been able to stick to it in the past. Hmmm.
My mom came to visit for several days. We ended her stay with a rather expensive trip to Hancock's Fabrics. Looks like I'll be sewing some dresses for C. in the next few weeks. Now, what is that gonna do to a rotation?


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