Friday, October 20, 2006

Less is more

This is so true when it comes to sleeves! I'm only an inch into joining this first one and am already thinking happily of how decreasing every 6th round takes two sts away forever. Hooray, my rounds are getting shorter!!! Yep, gonna be a looong sleeve. I'm going to have to get a fascinating audiobook.
What's even weirder? Lynda asked what pattern we love, but won't ever knit. Here's mine. Reading the pattern sends me to the brink. What's with all the numbers anyway?!? I don't have the brains or attention span for this sweater and I'm admitting it openly. I know I will not be knitting this sport weight, crazy-making cabled wonder. So how come I dug up the pattern, found my knitpick's catalog, and added up the price? FLAK has been on the needles for almost a year. Clearly, I need a little spinning time.


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