Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And some knitting

Nope, haven't finished that last bit of spinning yet. Big surprise, eh? I did pick up the FLAK again, though, so I hardly even feel remorse over the Targhee. I knit several inches on that first sleeve and have started putting a safety pin in at the beginning of my day's work to chart the progress. Little things like that have helped me keep my motivation in the past, and with the way I've repeatedly abandoned this lovely sweater...well, I need to start employing everything I can think of. Repeating "NO Holly, do NOT cast on for a basic top down raglan" over and over isn't going to work much longer.
I did cheat just a little. I pulled out some leftover sock yarn and knit another garter stitch square. I have one in Knitpick's Tap Dancing and now one in Sockotta. These are the beginning of two Log Cabin blankets. Yes, I finally got my turn with the library copy of Mason Dixon Knitting. I'm a little late to the party, but-better late than never, I guess. I have no yarn at present to continue on either of these items, so that's why I'm maintaining that it's just a little cheat. Plus, it's great for car knitting! I finished the first sock-yep, the one in the photo-and I didn't want to do a figure eight cast on in the van while trying to puzzle out the map and settle squabbles between the younger two. So, it's log cabin in the car and for Sunday afternoon knitting by the fire.


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