Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Some spinning

has been going on here at my place-see?

Left to right that's (spindled)Romney, Finn, Finn/Colonial, Colonial, and Romeldale/Cotswold. I'm back at the Targhee blend for the next Faroe shawl. That is all that I am currently spinning. (!) I do have about five and a half yards of Merino/Silk on one bobbin but other than that-the bobbins were cleared in this Plying Extravaganza. They looked so lonely. I found myself thinking about which fibers I could comb up next. I had to have a talk with myself about finishing up this last bobbin of Targhee before starting anything else. It's just one bobbin, right? Shouldn't take too long. I'm shooting for the end of the week.


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