Friday, September 07, 2007

One down, eleven to go

Much of this week was a crazed attempt to get ready for this morning. (The crazed part happens when you are not a particularly organized person) The kiddos and I started back to our Friday homeschool co-op program today. This is something of a stretch for me anyway since I am Not a Morning Person.
But today was the first day of teaching children other than my own. This would be the class where we try to teach ten giggling girls how to make yarn. The other teacher-good thing she's a dear friend!- was not here today. But, although my exhaustion level is a bit high due to all the late nights this week, I did survive it! (You shoulda seen me...up 'til way late, feverishly glueing hooks into dowels, fitting those little rubber grommets onto CDs, pillaging the stash for suitable "samples" to show the future yarnmakers...I think I should've started earlier)
So, I sent 'em home with a CD spindle with a couple of yards of sportweight wool yarn on the shaft to get them accustomed to spinning the spindle. That and some basic instructions to read over. I have some Romney/Perendale roving for them-I'll send that home with them next week and see how they do!


At 2:45 PM, Blogger Gammy aka Peggy said...

YOU my friend are a brave, brave woman!!!!! My hat is off to ya. :)


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