Thursday, May 17, 2007


Peggy tagged me with the seven random facts meme. So here goes!

1. I am completely terrified of those enormous yellow/brown grasshoppers. When I was little, I would walk through the fields with my Dad as he went to check fences, etc. I would not walk beside him because they would jump on us and their little hooked legs would cling to my clothes/hair. If I walked behind him, he would scatter them and thus shield me from the terrible onslaught. He used to call me his little Indian squaw.

2. I know all the words to the songs in the old Howard Keel musicals and most of the Jeanette McDonald/Nelson Eddy ones from even further back. And yes, I do sing a few lines around the house from time to time.

3. One day I would like to get back into dog obedience training. I've trained all of my dogs to some extent--the current one the least of all, because she has absolutely zero interest. She humors me with the longsuffering expression of a martyr. She knows only the bare essentials-Come when called, Sit, Stay, Down, Bed, Out, and she will sometimes bark on command. Her laid back personality is simply perfect for this busy time in my life!

4. I am pretty distractable. I went through the storage closet last week to re-acquaint myself with the fabrics/sewing misc that I have stashed away in banker's boxes. I found over 30 items that I had cut out in various marathon cutting sessions, bagged up-often with the pattern, and then forgotten. Some of these where baby things for my oldest-he's now 9.

5. I re-read a few LM Montgomery books each year. I'll never be too old for Anne! This year it was Rainbow Valley, Jane of Lantern Hill, and Emily of New Moon. I don't own the other two Emily books-I'm hoping they come up on PaperbackSwap!

6. When I was little and people asked me "So, what do you want to be when you grow up?" I was always stymied because I just wanted to be a Mommy. I knew this was not what they were looking for. If I responded with an answer it was usually"maybe a teacher". Yay! I'm both!!!

7. All the dc were born at home with a wonderful Christian midwife attending. I am so grateful for God's care of us during these miraculous events. Jesus' presence was very near, and my faith was strengthened by going through that valley with Him to sustain me. I wish more expectant mothers could see what a blessed, peaceful experience birth can be. While I felt plenty of discomfort and very real pain, I can honestly say that those were peaceful, even sacred, times.

Thanks, Peggy! Now you all know more about me than you really wanted to ;~)


At 7:46 PM, Blogger Peggy said...

What neat things to find out. :)
Yeah, I can't even begin to name the "started" sewing, knitting and every other kind of craft projects I have stuffed here and there. All of my babies were born in the hospital. There were times I was ready to have a leg cut off if it would bring the little fellers quicker, but all in all I loved being pregnant, loved giving birth, loved breast feeding. Like you, I've always wanted to be a mommy and have loved every minute, well some of those teenage years were rough with the first two, but once they found their brains again at around 18 or so it was great. And now I have the joy of being a Gammy!!!! Talk about heaven!!!!


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