Sunday, May 06, 2007

Where were we?

My mom came for a visit and my blogging time went right out the window! I didn't knit very much on my pullover-I'm ready to put the sleeve sts on holders, but still need to sit down and do it. I did get a dozen new napkins done, though. What do you think? We had a bunch already, but not very many that matched. Most of ours were made back before the babies came. I had been thinking of making some more after seeing Melissa's, and Mom's visit was just the push I needed. She always gets me motivated to sit down at the machine! They are a traditional mitered hem dinner size napkin. Super easy.
We went to Hancock's, where we again lamented the dwindling supply of fabrics suitable for garments(largely quilting goods, these days) She bought me a book when she saw how entranced I was with it, Pants for Real People, which goes very nicely with their McCall's perfect pant pattern that I purchased a few weeks before. I even have some fabric in the stash that should work well. They did have some rayon on sale, and I find it hard to turn down a nice rayon. So, a long sundress was finished on Saturday. It's So Easy Simplicity 3819-in case you're interested. Don't be charmed by the flutter sleeve option-it does not work on a grown-up. I tried.
I liked the red rose print of the sundress so much that I went back and got enough to make Sandra Betzina's T-shirt from No Time to Sew. Cut it out this afternoon. Also cut out a couple of pairs of her full pants after having a long talk with myself about how if I like this pattern(which I do-maybe too much)then I just need to get over the idea that no one wears this loose, beautiful style anymore. Anyone else feel a little peeved on occasion about fashion trends and how we should/shouldn't wear ____ anymore? It can't be just me.

But let's not end this post on such a disgruntled note! Take a look at my first peony bloom!


At 3:27 PM, Blogger Peggy said...

Gosh, I'm feeling kind of barbaric. I have one set of nice napkins. To tell you the truth, unless we are having company, company we just use paper towels. Does that make me look like I'm from Kentucky or something? Oh,yeah, I am from Kentucky. Yours are really beautiful, maybe I'll get inspired. The peony is lovely, my grandmother called them "pinies."


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