Monday, December 18, 2006

revised list

My two year old has informed me that mittens are not needed or desired, so I'm knitting some socks for J. They look pretty good-patterning yarns have not lost their appeal. I've done no spinning and only two rounds on the aran sleeve. I did get some of those sale priced wine tubes(at AC Moore) for storing my roving. Love those! My nostepinne and wrap gauge fit neatly as well. These will be great for transporting a spindle and roving for vacation.
I took the dc to a friends' this AM and finished up my Christmas shopping. I'm completely pooped. One of my stops was the bookstore to find a certain book for my nephew-I also leafed through the current SpinOff and a couple of knitting mags. While I found Knitter's tempting for the first time in ages, a few of the designs in IK went on my To Knit list. But for now-I must remain focused on these socks-I intend to get them past the heel section before nightfall.


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