Saturday, January 20, 2007

Some spinning

I finished up the KA(berry blue)corriedale. I have 272 yds of 3 ply at 9 wpi and 48 yds of 2 ply at 14 wpi. I put some extra twist into these singles so that I could use this yarn for socks if the mood struck. Not as much as I thought, apparently, as it is still plenty soft. Better soft yarn than "wire" though.
I have another skein of the Targhee blend-320 yds of 2 ply at 13 wpi. This does not match the skeins I have set aside for my Faroe shawl. They are 18 wpi. Guess I'll just have to use this for another project. Maybe one of those fingerless mitts patterns I keep seeing everywhere.

And here's my promised pic of the CIC sweater...

The cabled sleeves are simply not showing up-you'll have to trust me :~)

Finishing up the Corriedale freed up some bobbins and so I spun up a bobbin of the KA Romney/mohair that I carded up a while back with a friend's Louet. I am breaking away from my usual spinning with this batch and trying for a heavier single. We'll see how it goes. I'm leaving in a good many slubs and not freaking out about consistency. Should be interesting.

I'll leave you with a shot of some Superwash Merino that I've had languishing in the stash. I had space dyed it with cherry KA a few years back and was less than pleased with the result. Last weeek I pulled it out and threw some Jacquard Sky Blue on it. Looks something like a bruise, I know. But it made it out to my spinning basket! I do like it better now. I had enough dye left in the pot to color up some Cheviot/mohair. But that's for another post!


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