Monday, January 01, 2007

What do you think?

Think this is enough to keep me busy for the next nine months?
I have to confess that since reading Wendy's post I have tried(despite that inner nudging) to tell myself that there is no need for ME to do this, made a list (or two) of things to order the last week of December, etc. But here is reality looking me in the face. I don't NEED any yarn right now. Probably for a lot longer than this challenge to tell the truth! Maybe three or four challenges. This may seem like a small stash to many, but I am an excruciatingly slow knitter after all.

So, here's my plan

1.The work* from your stash-a-thon will start today, January 1, 2007 and last until October 2007(before my birthday and SAFF!)
2. I will not buy any yarn/fiber during this time with the following exceptions...
a) if I run out of yarn for a project, I may buy enough yarn to complete it.
b) once FLAK is done, I MIGHT consider a little Quarry from Knitpicks(this will be my own personal "fall off the wagon" exception)
c) I may purchase yarn for CIC knitting if I somehow run out of what is already earmarked for them.
d) if something from Cary becomes available, I may attempt to purchase. Since her fiber is snatched away before I even see it is for sale, I'm not holding my breath, but I still had to put it here as an exception :~)
3. Books and notions/tools do not fall into this category, but even so, any potential purchase must be considered carefully over a two week period and then discussed rationally with my Dear One.

*I am making this a WORK from my stash challenge. That means I am including spinning fiber as well. In case of a modern day miracle(meaning that somehow I knit all this up)I can always spin up some of this-


At 1:55 PM, Blogger Lynda said...

Well.... it's a noble venture - I'll give you that! I also have a small stash, but am just not ready to commit! I make no such promises for myself ;o)

At 7:47 PM, Anonymous JoLynn said...


Thank you for knitting and sending mittens for the CIC/Akkol mitten challenge. I think you will find CIC knitting rewarding.


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