Thursday, June 28, 2007


Sigh. What can I say? Maybe I'm just not in a knitting/spinning mood these days. My youngest has been sick-I have tons of yard work to do-about 7 books from the library waiting to be read-and the knitting just isn't calling me. Now I don't mean to say that I'm not doing ANY. I have done a bit on the socks. But nothing noteworthy. Must be some kind of slump. The biggest sign was today when I actually opened the cross-stitch mag my Mom sent me.( no, she doesn't usually send them-I'm not sure what came over her...)Weirder than my perusal of this non-knitting publication was the effect that it had on me. I found things I wanted to stitch. I had the urge to get off the couch and rummage through my old cross-stitch patterns. Maybe even pick up the UFO and resume work on it. This thing has been languishing for-oh, more than five years, I think.
Yep, must be some kind of slump. Hope I get over it soon. Maybe I just need some fireworks.


At 7:43 AM, Blogger Peggy said...

Hmmm,not sure what is going one there. Could be you have been so focused on knitting and spinning for so long you got kinda burnt out. Could just be the summer slump. Businesses & even churches go through it, why not knitters/spinners? There is so much more vieing for our attention. Could be you need to go visit your favorite LYS, take two skeins and cast on in the morning.


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