Thursday, December 08, 2005

A new venture

Just look and see what Brown brought yesterday!!!

My mother bought this for my Christmas present. Violin music has always enchanted me-in every style. My grandfather taught himself to play the fiddle as an ad*lt so I have hope that I can manage to as well. I've considered asking for one for years but kept talking myself out of it-for instance--I should focus on the instruments I have(piano, guitar, bowed psaltery) AND I have so much in my schedule with four little ones and homeschooling and all my other interests... But the desire has not gone away so at long last I am taking the plunge!

I think it's only normal that I am pretty terrified of this rather smallish piece of musical potential. I did swallow (some) of my trepidation yesterday long enough to attempt to tune it. Three out of four isn't bad, right? Can't get that A string to where it belongs and since there's the aforementioned anxiety...I think I'll just hold off until I can find a teacher to show me how to do it properly. Or in other words, find someone who can show me how to keep from breaking it into a gazillion pieces.

My Grandaddy picked it out and set it up for me(changed the strings, etc) since apparently he does this for some of the area schools down near San Antonio. He has won contests in TX, AR, CO and KS but is now backing off since he's nearly 83. He even made me a tape of him playing on it some of the songs that he plays regularly. I'm so thrilled that he included a tape of his playing and sent some photos and words of wisdom! They really brought back memories. He has such a fun personality-I can remember us driving down to visit and sitting out in his shed listening to him play and cut up-what a great character!

I have dutifully set the instrument aside until Christmas Day-which was actually pretty easy to do considering I'm clueless about what to do with it. After the holidays, I'll start looking for a teacher :~) Thanks, Mom!!!