Thursday, April 26, 2007


The completed Serenity socks! When I finished weaving in the ends I promptly put them on and have worn them all afternoon (I know, I said they were bed socks-they are, really. Click on that photo if you don't believe me-see how loose the knitting is? Definitely bed socks only) But they do look smashing with my black top and georgette skirt ;~)
Theresa asked if you can find the heel info on the web-yes, I googled garter st heel and found Lucy Neatby's IK article. Printed it out-voila! Super easy instructions. I'll confess to the truth-the main reason I like it is because you get the short row heel without all that infernal wrapping. I have a dreadful time picking up those wraps. I also have instructions for Dawn Brocco's 6 point Peasant Heel. I may do that next. Or not.
The hand-dyed pink yarn is next on the agenda and I haven't picked a pattern yet. I may knit some simple toe-ups with a picot edge. Or Feather and Fan. Or...I may go through the Sock Notebook later and pick something else altogether.
Once the socks were done, I picked up Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top and set out to cast on the Morning Glory Pullover. Hey, that's what the yarn looks like to me-I can't help it. I decided on a square neck raglan. It all seems so simple and's making me a little nervous. This is the back shoulder seam. I want to knit a few more rows before casting on the front sts, since I dislike chokey necks ;~) After the littlies go off to bed, I should be able to do that and start knitting in the round.

Monday, April 23, 2007


The Serenity socks are progressing nicely. The fiber is really plush and enjoyable to work with-the color changes could be spaced better, but I don't mind. They are bed socks after all-since there's no nylon or mohair content. Plus, being handspun, I am loathe to wear big honkin' holes in them! The garter st short row heels are...well...I'm not sure I can find the words. Let's just say that I love them. Lucy Neatby is some sort of genius. Used her garter st wedge toe, too. Uh Huh. Get used to these variations around here.
I worked a swatch(yep, unheard of pre-FLAK) for an upcoming project. Filled out my Gauge Page from Sweater Workshop. I'm ready to go! This will be a button front cardigan in WOTA (fog) with garter stitch borders. I doubt it will be next in the line-up, but it's coming soon.

Then I worked another swatch(I know, the mind reels) Since there's so much going on with the yarn(handspun-one ply of Ashland Bay Colonial roving in Purple and one of royal blue Finn top) this will be a ultra plain pullover. I'll probably use Barbara Walker's Knitting From the Top for this one. I love the idea of designing top down-but I'm nervous. Maybe this will help me get over that.
So these are the large projects that are on the slate until the weather forces me to put down the wool in favor of cottons. Wonder how far I'll get?

Friday, April 20, 2007

At long last

Lookee here-a FO!

I had hoped for a shot with me actually wearing it, but dh is away at a conference, and the dc are apparently unable. We tried. This is as good as it gets.

It does fit well, though-which is what matters! I stayed up so late finishing the knitting that I actually fell asleep several times while binding off! I find that pretty funny now that I have had a bit more rest!

Monday, April 16, 2007


I resolutely turned my back on the sweater this weekend and did some spinning instead. In fact, I did way more spinning than usual for some reason. Probably dh had something to do with this.

I know a lot of spinners can turn out the sock yarn in a day or so, but I am not one of them. This weekend was some kind of miraculous departure from reality. I have the two (somewhat) similar variegated skeins(yep, navajo-plyed) and one skein of Bree for cuffs, heels, and toes. I'm thinking that I didn't change colors quite often enough and will end up with large blocks of color rather than stripes. You know what? I'm sure I will love them anyway! I'm really looking forward to starting the Serenity Socks. No, not ALL the wool is from Cary*, but three of the colors are-so that's what I'm callin' 'em.
But this week-it's All Aran All The Time.
For some reason, blogger won't let me link-but her website is in the sidebar! Go look!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Nothing to see here

After three and a half more inches of pattern and two inches of Baby Cable Ribbing, I tried on my sweater. Too short. Apparently, I miscalculated somewhere and instead of needing to knit a total of ten inches before beginning the ribbing, I needed to knit thirteen. Yeah, this may be why I had to take Remedial Math when I got to college. I had a big rip-fest on Friday night. Went ahead and picked up the sts for the neckband-just because.
Overall, I enjoy being tall, but there are times when it really gets ...tiresome.

So, yesterday, I did some spinning instead. Looks nice and stripey! I dug out some white Corriedale fleece and combed up some birds' nests to throw in here and there. I'm spinning two bobbins so that the socks will more or less match.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


OK, in the interest of full disclosure...I have a little confession to make.

Last Sat. I "ran away from home" for a couple of hours. You know-all the tending to sick children...I needed a little break. So, before I left dh asked where I might be heading. I told him that I'd likely be at the library, or maybe at the bookstore parked on a couch with a magazine. He told me to go ahead and do a little shopping and gave me a ball park $ amount. (Yeah, we're on a pretty tight budget)

Here's where it got ugly. As soon as I heard that amount, my brain went straight to the LYS. My body followed. I got this.

Then I remembered that little button over in the sidebar. Yeah-that one. This was a total violation of the Knit from your Stash plan. Sadly, I don't feel sorry. It's really pretty yarn :~) Too bad I didn't include the sock yarn exemption...

BTW, I stayed up late last night to work on the FLAK. If I really focus, I may have some real progress to show when the week's out.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Last week yielded three and a half inches on FLAK. It really wasn't THAT painful. I only thought of other yarn every five or ten minutes. Only planned the next four projects. Anyway, since I don't see any errors, I am consoling myself with the knowledge that it is done and over and I will (likely) not need to knit these inches again. Yes, it's true, I was really hoping for more. But. If I can do the same again this week-I can start thinking about ribbing. The very thought makes me want to squeal with delight.
In other news, my younger two had a stomach virus last week. While keeping my nightly vigils, I did some thinking about the Corriedale spinning and how I really want to be spinning all of it at one time. So, I decided to do it. (OK, just an aside here, please don't look down your noses at me for thinking about spinning while my young sons are trying to overcome the nausea long enough to fall asleep. We've all been there ) Here's the current plan! I may play with the order of colors a bit before it's all said and done.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

He is risen!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The verdict

Well, OK. I will assume that the lack of response was due to a stunned inability to believe the notion that I would be willing to begin another sock project with FLAK being a WIP for so long. Am I right? Huh? You just don't know how to tell me to Get. On. With. It. Alright, alright. I can take a hint.

I did try on the FLAK last week. It's taken me this long to be able to speak of it.

I've done nothing. All the knitting. Can't find it. I thought I knew about the Black Hole of Sweater Knitting-apparently not. I simply cannot post a picture. The amount of knitting still to be done staggers the mind. I have like ten inches yet, people. Remember how long it takes me to knit ONE row?

SO! The other knitting is going on hold for this week. I started this concentrated effort on Sunday and have one inch above my little safety pin marker-so I KNOW that progress is being made. No other knitting project will see the light of day all this week. I have high hopes for my Saturday night measuring session!

I think the energy around my house is being diverted away from my needles and zipped out the door into the ground just outside our front door. Check out these peonies! They are over two feet tall! And yes, I will be doing some MORE weeding this afternoon. ;~)