Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Sadly, not much to report on the sock front. I received an invitation to my SIL's baby shower so have begun crocheting at warp speed in order to get the blanket done by Saturday. Details:Knitpick's Merino Style, cornflower in my favorite V-stitch pattern. At this point, it still seems doable. By Friday night? Who knows?

Remember the leak that I mentioned in the last post? The one that ran up a bill well over $6K and necessitated FOUR trips by the plumbing experts, their jackhammers and a boring(boreing?) machine? The really fantastic part (now that you are stunned with dismay) is that our homeowner's ins. did help somewhat. I nearly cried with relief. We tore out the buckled laminate tile this past weekend. Three layers down we have our current kitchen/laundry room/dining area floor. Whaddya think?

Ain't it purdy? Yep, that's our concrete slab, folks, complete with plumber's patch and leveling compound. The good news is that most of that black adhesive was willing to be scraped off, so now I only stick to the floor in certain areas. Today, we order the new floor. If it's in stock, we will install it this weekend. Stay tuned!