Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sad news

I am afraid my trusty Canon has kicked the bucket. We took it on vacation and when we pulled it out at the lake, the display thingy on the back-you know-where you see what your picture is gonna look like? Well, it had this weird black and gray ripple thing happening. What is that? We are so helpless in the face of technology-we tried new batteries and gave up. Dh says it is toast. I'm still trying to track down the manual. Any thoughts from the blogland?
Therefore, we have no candids of T's birthday celebration. We are having a (very)small party for him Saturday-guess I'll have to pull out the old one or buy a disposable.
Of course this also means no photos of the sock progress. There was a fair amount considering that we were pretty busy with activities-sorry, no pics, obviously. We swam, fished, took the kids on pony rides, went to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg and I don't know what all. Highlights for me were finally getting to Gatlinburg and having Auntie Anne's petzels again(yes, my dears, that was plural) Mark's family used to run a couple of these stores. You know how people say working in a candy store/doughnut shop/what have you makes you not want to eat ___? This so not true of soft pretzels. And I'm getting really hungry now so I'll just move along to my other highlight right now, 'nkay? Which was-don't laugh-seeing a Mama skunk and her four babies roaming all over the area near the playground where we had taken the kids one evening. They really were the cutest things. I know, I know....and then going through the Aquarium at Gatlinburg. Truly amazing.
That's all for today, folks! Maybe I'll have a FO next time and will have figured out the camera problem.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I'm still stitching on the towel, but today when I picked up my knitting bag to find some scrap yarn for dd-I felt some interest returning ;~)
I sewed a little nightgown for dd this week-it's plain as dirt but she loves it. I have a T-shirt for my oldest ds and a T-shirt dress for dd waiting by the machine. I had hoped to have them done by now know how I am about books! I confess that this stack of library books has been taking a fair amount of my extra time lately. Plus, I've been scraping and painting the front window. Just to let you guys know-masking tape is not the same thing as painter's tape-don't let anyone trick you. When masking tape gets rained on/baked by the sun...well, the removal process takes on a life of its own.
Mark's mom gave us a week on her timeshare-so we're off to TN next week. See you when we get back! (I'm taking knitting)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Be afraid

I succumbed. This is a kitchen towel. I found it when I unearthed my patterns. (You knew I was going to, right?) And what's worse-I even went to an online shop and purchased TWO patterns. A sampler (with chickens!) for the kitchen and a little kitten/butterfly kit for dd's room.