Sunday, April 30, 2006


Tonight in our family worship, Mark read about Ahab's coveting Naboth's vineyard. I was so convicted about being content with what I have. I am continually finding new books for me or the kids, various hs'ing misc, beautiful yarns, fabric, etc. that I'd like to have a little of....
Sigh. God help me not to be GREEDY. It helps when I call it what it is.

On another note! I have a new flower garden in the kitchen this morning....isn't it lovely? They insisted that I make one, too. Rather appropriate for May Day. Things I learned...C is pretty picky. We must have pulled petals off and re-glued half a dozen times before I made her stop. J took his time and did his very best. This did wonders for mommy. I have great hope that our tribulations over the state of his room/handwriting, etc will pass. T was happy with his orange crayon-about halfway through, he noticed the others were using green for the leaves and he made the switch to conform. I am surprised by this. B colored enthusiaistically but was rather surprised by the result. Note to self-instead of taking it away from him to finish it up, HELP HIM TO DO IT.

I'm turning the heel on C's socks. The variegated yarn is completely charming-I'll post pics in my next post when there's more to see. I also did a tiny bit of spinning over the weekend-more of the Corriedale from Rising Meadow Farm. I will not be combing this carded prep. At last, I have found a roving that I like! Alert the media.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Last Friday, I got glasses. Totally worth it. When we got home, I went to my room to change and could read the words on one of our pictures on the wall three feet in front of me. Nifty!

C has been wanting to take a picture for a while now-here is her third attempt. She didn't cut my head off-so I considered it blogworthy.

We had a hailstorm last week, so today I hope to make it over to WalMart to replace my tomato plants that did not survive(2 Brandywine, 4 Roma) DRATS! I had hoped grow them all from seed this year. Oh, well-my hot peppers did not germinate, so I need to pick up a couple habaneros anyway.

Today I am determined to make some real headway on C's socks. This is in addition to the embroidered airplane J has requested for his PJ shirt and the waistband of a skirt for me. Hmmmm....this is why knitting takes me so long perhaps?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Turning back time

I cut out shirts for both T and B-same Children's Corner pattern that I've used before. I do enjoy sewing-the turn around time is WAY faster than knitting/spinning. That said, sewing will never be my favorite. Why is that? I think I like the whole "make the fabric AND the garment" thing that you have with knitting, and then when you can start the whole shebang out from raw fleece...well, it just ups the ante even more.
Of course God is the only one Who made something out of nothing. But there is still a big sense of creative accomplishment when I can look at a finished item and think of what it looked like when I first pulled it out to begin the washing!

I've been on a bit of a Jane Austen kick lately-this time with the film versions. I saw P&P last weekend(the new one-borrowed from a friend. Still love A&E's way better) Then watched Emma w/ Gwyneth Paltrow today. How is it that it took me ten years to see this? Blockbuster may not get it back. I love how they list the purchase price at the bottom of your receipt! "Buy it 5/1/06 for only $10.70"--HA! Sense & Sensibility is next. And then my library is holding the audio P&P for me. Yes, when I said kick, I meant it. Must be all the heirloom sewing...

Monday, April 17, 2006


What a great Easter! (Do you think they celebrate Easter in heaven?)
We went to our church's early service and then hurried over to my BIL and sister's church a couple of towns away for my nephew's baptism. Then over to my MIL's for dinner and an egg hunt for the kiddies.

C's dress turned out well and she was delighted with it. Unfortunately, I did not have the presence of mind to take a picture of her while she was wearing it. So, here it is lying on the chair instead-ha!

I knit a few rows on her Dancing socks yesterday but really need to get on the ball for T's shirt. Maybe I can get it cut out tomorrow

Monday, April 03, 2006


Ugh! I'm a little stunned at the passage of time since my last entry! What happened?!? Oh, yeah, my Mom came to visit. And then I got sick and wasn't knitting. Or much of anything.
Another sign that Spring is here is when my knitting gets put on the back burner for this

Yep, it's time to sew. Hancock's had a sale on their poly/rayon so I bought enough for 3 pr of pants-since I'm nearly impossible to fit. I completed one pair(black) but am putting the others on hold until I get some of these done

That's two rompers for B and a round collared shirt for T to go with some button-on pants I made last year.

But for NOW, I am working furiously on this

C's bishop. Second row of stitching underway-I'm headed out at lunch time to get more floss. I'm determined to get this done before Easter. I think its do-able, but I'd LOVE to have T's shirt done, too. Not too sure on that one. Wait and see, I guess.

While my Mom was here, she made a purchase for me.

A Bernette Deco 600. It's so neat! I'm leaving the sampling behind and starting on the Real Deal next. I put my initial on a hanky yesterday-too funny! She's been putting the kids names on their pj's for years-they love it. (Yeah, she's also the reason I have two sewing machines, a serger, and a smocking Pleater. Amazing)