Sunday, October 30, 2005



Yes, turned out the hood would have been OK after all. So, T's hood gaps and B's is snug. Oh, well. I'll shrink one and block the other. The beauty of wool! Actually, T's will probably be fine-I had already made him a separate hood out of merino handspun that will fit under this slightly large one. So there! See how he loves to have his picture taken! What a cutie. He has the sniffles today so we are staying home from church.

And here's B in his. At least it's covering both ears today. See how pitiful he looks-he's still feverish, although better than yesterday. This morning he ate a little so I am encouraged. He's also playing with T and the Bob the Builder tent so I trust he is on the mend.
I'm not thrilled with the Kitchener stitch finish on either of these. I do not remember this problem with J's. Or any of my sock toes. Hmmm....a conspiracy? Perhaps my wheel is behind it-trying to get me to abandon the knitting and finally fill that bobbin.

I leave the blog with a photo of our beloved dog-yes, a knitting/spinning blog with a DOG, not a cat! Here she is, trying her best to convince me not to take her picture again. Apparently she does not share T's enthusiasm for the camera...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Confession time...

Confession time...

Since I have four more inches to go on the WW-I've decided to do a little SAFF recap instead.

I'm a little ashamed to admit that, although dyes were the first item on my list this year, I came home with no dye. At one point I even had them in my hand, but I put them back. I had not even seen all the booths yet, and thought I should go around once before actually purchasing anything. It turns out this was a bad idea. The biggest reason? Because by the time I get through the booths I am totally incapable of spending what has now become "wool money" on dyes.

Some lovely Corriedale from DAN-VIR Ltd. came home with me AGAIN this year. Yes, I have two in the closet. This one will compliment them perfectly. I see a beautiful fair isle in natural colors for Carrie. Can't wait to get started! I did not buy the whole fleece-miraculous. I'm resolved that next year I will NOT go to SAFF saying "no fleece this year" It's just ridiculous.

I took my crippled Swan to Linda Diak at Grafton Fibers in hopes that she would be able to help. Her response? "Oh, that's a really old one! Would you like to choose a new one?" So, I did(it's the one in the middle)-and THEN she gave me a hook to put in the old(the one on the left) and I promptly glued it in place when I got home. I was totally impressed. I chose one of her pink merino batts while I deliberated between Swans. Carrie laid claim to that, too. (Yes, she did pretty well this year.) I also got a Bubinga Bosworth midi(the one on the right) from I See Spots. I've already got some Cheviot/mohair on it. Perfect sock yarn spindle! The new Swan is helping me out with some KA dyed Romney. I love the way this spindle looks in action-the different colors swirl in the prettiest way.
I also bought Rita Buchanan's Dyer's Garden book, a little alpaca for blending, a couple of "Truffles" from Rising Meadow Farm(some of their morrit Corriedale roving) and the Celtic Dreams pullover pattern by Beth Brown-Reinsel. Whew-I think that's it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Here we go...

I think if I have a place to record my progress it will help me to stay focused a little better. That's my goal, anyway!
Current main project(like that? It's like a little clue) is this pitiful, misshapen piece of knitting that will soon be transformed into a Wonderful Wallaby for my third child. I've worked this pattern a couple of times before so I expect smooth sailing-hoping to get it done this week since it's nearly November. Amazing.
I may decide to rip the hood back on the one I finished last week-apparently my children have rather large heads. Increasing 8 sts around should alleviate this problem. ( I do not normally knit this fast. The cooler weather has energized me strangely. )
Current Minstrel spinning?

A lovely Targhee fleece from Nancy Ortmann that I had blended with gray angora and some of my last dog's undercoat. I'm spinning a two ply yarn somewhere between fingering and sport weight. When I have enough for a shawl I plan to take a little break from the gray and get back to my purple colonial top. Please ignore the drive band-sometimes the baby gets away from me.
Also, in the works--I'm dyeing Cheviot and mohair in small batches in the crockpot-future sock yarn! I'm using Easter Egg dye that I bought on clearance last year. Think really bright colors.
I'll spare the blog the shocking(!)photos.

On the learning front...I'm almost done reading Paul Tripp's War of Words. Excellent book. I won't even try to summarize. l could never say it half so well, so I'll quote---In the hardest of situations, in the most trying of relationships, we never stand alone with only our personal abilities to help us. We are in Christ, and in Him we can do what would otherwise be impossible......I cannot be patient in the face of provocation. I cannot honor when I am dishonored...I cannot find delight in self-sacrificing service. I cannot speak softly in the face of another's anger....But that is why Jesus came. Real hope for real change is found in Christ!