Sunday, October 19, 2008

A few more

things that I didn't mention (way back when this post started)... I'm spinning some Coopworth-dyed and natural. Very fast spin!

And then I never posted about my Marialis Shawl! I finished it in August, and couldn't be more pleased with it. I'm so glad that I stuck with it and focused on getting it done. A year in the works is long enough! Where the picture is that I know I took...don't know. I think the camera ate it.

And I also finished up my Morning Glory pullover. I decided on hems rather than ribbing. Had a moment of panic when I realized that I was short of yarn. EZ talks about shading in a different dye lot when you run out of the first batch of yarn. So I knit a couple of rows of the original yarn and then a couple of rows of a coordinating handspun for the remainder of the body and sleeves. The main yarn was a ply of Ashland Bay colonial in heathered purple and royal blue tones, and one ply of a royal blue Finn that I had purchased way back when from a long forgotten SAFF vendor. Some of the Finn I had kept back and spun as a solid color two ply. So I alternated those two yarns and I think the finished sweater is just fine. And I'm sure glad that I had that extra Finn!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What I've been doing

My Mr Greenjeans cardi in Lion Wool Majestic Mountain colorway. This sweater took something like eight days to knit. I think the combination of variegated colors and worsted weight yarn did something to me. Great pattern and I would not be surprised if I knit it again!

Before that I cast on a BSJ for my new niece, but after knitting a while I noticed that I had ordered the Wrong Yarn! Merino Style instead of Swish DK. So I had to frog. No hand washables for non-knitters, friends. Especially for a baby. I've had four. It's just not worth it. Better and kinder to just change your plans.

So, instead I cast on an overdue sweater for the little niece's big brother. And here it is! A wonderful Wallaby with mods, of course. How could I not put a cable up the middle and then around that nifty hood? That's what I thought! This is knit with KnitPicks Swish DK which I liked entirely too much.

Now that that is done I have cast on the long awaited Celtic Dreams pullover for me. Not much to see here. Just the saddles and some of the upper back so far. But I love love love the cables. They are wonderful.

And that's it for me today!

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