Wednesday, July 19, 2006


After two birthdays and a couple of weeks PORING over hsing catalogs, trying to decide on books for next year; I have made my purchases and can get back to normal life. I get so consumed with the whole deal, since I absolutely love books and our budget/number of dc no longer enables me to purchase a Sonlight package. I come as close as I can-buying what the library won't have.
No knitting/spinning progress. It's hot here-I just can't manage it. I'm busy picking tomatoes and making sauce. My mom sent two boxes of stuff from her garden (!) so I have also made some peach jam and pear butter.
I have been doing some reading. I just finished Where the Broken Heart Still Beats-a tragic but beautiful recounting of the life of Cynthia Ann Parker.
Next up? Who knows? Maybe I'll pick up the knitting!